Boardmaker 6.0

Adding symbols to templates **BM adding symbols to templates.wmv**

Dragging and dropping photos into a template **BM Dragging and Dropping Photos.wmv**

Changing grid gap BM-tips for spacing.wmv

Clearing symbols from a template clearing symbols.wmv

Creating a template BM_Creating_A_Template.wmv

Deleting symbols and text BM_delete symbols and text.wmv

Creating a multiple page file BM_FilewithMultiplePages.wmv

Changing font and size of text in all cells BM_Font&Sizeinallcells.wmv

Keyboard shortcut to change the size of text BM_KeyboardShortcut.wmv

Locking a board BM_locking a board.wmv

Selecting a portion of a symbol BM_marquee_lasso_tools.wmv

Using a right mouse click to change size, color, and font BM_QuickChangeFont.wmv

Using the shuffle feature BMBM_ShuffleFeature.wmv

Using the symbolate feature BM_SymbolateBasic.wmv

Using a template to create and print a board BM_templates.wmv

Changing color of the button, border, and background BM_tips-changing color.wmv