This page contains links to video tutorials created about software applications.

Boardmaker 6.0
~Adding symbols to templates
BM adding symbols to templates.wmv
~Changing color of the button, border, and background
BM_tips-changing color.wmv
~Changing font and size of text in all cells
~Changing grid gap
BM-tips for spacing.wmv
~Clearing symbols from a template
clearing symbols.wmv
~Creating a multiple page file
~Creating a template
~Deleting symbols and text
BM_delete symbols and text.wmv
~Dragging and dropping photos into a template
BM Dragging and Dropping Photos.wmv
~Keyboard shortcut to change the size of text
~Locking a board
BM_locking a board.wmv
~Selecting a portion of a symbol
~Using a right mouse click to change size, color, and font
~Using a template to create and print a board
~Using the shuffle feature
~Using the symbolate feature

Clicker 5
~Clicker 5 Overview
~Navigating ClickerExplorer and Basic ClickerWriter Features
~(Mac) Navigating ClickerExplorer and Downloading Grids from LearningGrids
~(Mac): Modifying Clicker Grids
~(Win): Overview of ClickerWriter (3:25 min)
~(Win): Overview of Clicker Grids (3:39 min)
~(Win): Downloading Grid Sets from (4:33 min)
~(Win): Creating a Simple Word Bank (6:39 min)
~(Win): ClickerExplorer Edit Mode (8:03 min)
~Modifying an Existing Clicker Grid in Edit Mode (8:10 min)
~(Win): Adjusting Cell Properties (7:20 min)
~(Win): Creating a Home Grid (9:10 min)
~(Win): Creating a Forced Order Grid Set from a Template (5:28 min)
~(Win): Creating a Custom Forced Order Grid Set (10:02 min)

Read Write Gold (Done by Regional Support Centre of Scotland North and East)
~Using the toolbar
~Using the Word Wizard
~Using Word prediction
~Using the dictionary
~Using the Study Skills Toolbar
~Using Speech Input
~Using the Screen Shot Reader

Microsoft Word

~Using a Table to Create Graph Paper
Creating Graph Paper.wmv
~Create Forms that Users Complete in Word
Forms Word.wmv
~Using a Scanner for Scanning Worksheets and Documents
micro_scanning worksheets&documents.wmv
~Create a New Template
word template.wmv
~Check Spelling and Grammar in Another Language
~Adding a Chart or Diagram to a Word Document
word_creating graphic organizers.wmv
~Word 2007: Translate From English to Another Language
~Using AutoCorrect in Microsoft Word


Launching Kurzweil, User Accounts & Tip of the Day
The Kurzweil Window
Customizing Kurzweil Toolbars & Toolbar Sets
Four Ways to Access Kurzweil Tools
Scanning Single & Multiple Pages
Reordering Scanned Pages
Setting Scanning Options
Using the Zone Editor
Correcting the OCR
Importing Documents into Kurzweil
Reading Documents
Using Kurzweil Reference Tools
Using Kurzweil Highlighting Tools
Adding, Deleting & Moving Notes
Special Features of Notes
Using Bookmarks
Writing with Kurzweil
Using Kurzweil with Forms, Worksheets & Tests